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Who do we Help?

Who do we help exchange Euro coins?

Who do we help….? Well, it’s simple – we help lots of people and organisations just like you. We know it’s really important that you find a trusted partner to exchange Euro coins into valuable and usable funds. You want to avoid costly exchange rates and get the best possible value from your Euro coins.

Why is exchanging Euro coins important?

If you have got a build up of Euro coins at home or in your business then you should be thinking about how to put these to work. If you are a charity, school or hospital then you could be taking advantage of a foreign coin collection – the values you’ll receive will probably be a lot more than you think.

OK, so why can’t you just change them at the bank? Well, unfortunately banks and bureau de change don’t exchange any foreign coins so until now this has meant that may organisations and individuals have been stuck with loads of Euros and foreign coins. What a waste.

However what if there was a fast, friendly and efficient way to exchange Euro coins? And what if you could be guaranteed the BEST exchange rates… that would be perfect… right?

The good news is that now you can. We exchange Euro coins AND guarantee the best exchange rates – Hurrah!

Our service is super fast and once you have accepted our offer funds can be in your bank in under 2 hours – how’s that for fast!

Exchanging foreign coins is a great way to boost personal funds, monetize cash in a business and of course raise valuable funds for charity.

Look at who we help:

Charities and fundraisers
Schools and Clubs
Hospitals and Healthcare
Local Authorities
Private Individuals

We’d love to help you exchange your Euro coins – we have loads of info on how we can help you and our team are waiting for your call. The process is fast and easy and we provide FREE collection over certain weights. You can also check out our customer comments to see what people are saying about us.

Click here for more info on ways to exchange Euro coins into cash.

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