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Part of what makes us stand out as a great way of raising funds for schools and clubs is that our charity Euro coin collections are designed entirely around your individual needs. Not only does this mean that we take away the headache of organising a collection but it also means you maximise the funds collected – in a nutshell more cash for your cause.

Because we wok in partnership with you and devote all our considerable expertise into making your Euro coin collections a big success you can concentrate on what you do best and don’t have the hassle of the collection.

We offer lightening fast payment so once you have accepted our offer of payment the funds are usually in your bank account in under 2 hours – it really is that fast! Why not exchange Euro coins today?

Raise significant funds

But that’s not the whole story. Pound for pound a Euro coin collection will most likely deliver the best return for you. This is because people don’t mind donating foreign coins as they are effectively worthless as bank sand bureau de change will not exchange them. This means that you’re not actually asking anyone to give anything of value – in effect they are giving away left over currency that they can’t use.

We help lots of schools just like you raise significant amounts of money with a Euro coin or foreign coin collection. In addition, friends and family of the children can also chip in adding extra power to your collection.

Our foreign coin collections are invaluable for schools and clubs. This is why we’re trusted by lots of them to exchange Euro coins and help them organise their fundraising. Our advice and help is free – all you have is a lot to gain.

Don’t miss out on those valuable Euro coins that can be turned into spendable cash for your school or club – Exchange Euro coins today!

Contact our friendly and helpful team today and let us get you started.


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