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Effective fundraising in uncertain times

For many charities and fundraisers it’s getting harder and harder to raise money. This is simply because people are cutting back on charity donations due to the financial uncertainty. So how do you continue to raise much need funds without getting people to donate their hard earned cash… impossible, right?

Well you may be surprised to know that there is an amazingly simple way for you to generate significant funds without it actually costing the donors a penny. Want to know how?

The answer is by organising a Euro coin collection.

Euro coin collections for charities and fundraising

Euro coin collections are the perfect way to raise funds for your charity. According to British Airways there are around £30 million worth of Euro coins that are wasted each year in the UK alone by people not exchanging them. That’s a lot of money that could be put to good use for your charity.

The problem has been that banks, building societies and bureau de change won’t change any foreign coins. So up until now the only choice has been to take them away and re-spend them (which most people forget to do). Sadly, for most of us they end up in a change jar never to be spent!

However, the great news is that  we WILL exchange Euro coins and in fact ANY left over foreign currency. This means that you can now turn those millions of pounds worth of unwanted foreign coins into cash for your charity or cause.

And because the coins effectively have no value for the donor they don’t mind parting with their Euro coins for a good cause.

Beautifully simple and hassle free

Organising a Euro coin collection could not be easier. We have a specialist team who are on hand to help you with helpful advice, resources and tips for a successful collection. We have helped hundreds of charities of all sizes raise thousands of pounds and this is why we are the trusted UK Euro coin exchange service.

In fact we’ll accept all foreign coins and notes, even old British and Irish Coins. If you combine this with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our promise to beat any other exchange rate and the fact that we pay in record time you can see why we are the choice for the UK’s leading charities.

If you’d like a chat with our team then we’d be delighted to help you. We have a dedicated charities and fundraising team ready to talk to you right now – contact us at Exchange Euro Coins today

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