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Euro Coin Artwork

Euro coin artwork – art for arts sake?

When it comes to art its a very emotive and subjective issue. What’s art for one person may be a ‘pile of junk’ to another. We’ve all seen the rise of people like Tracey Emin and some would say that she’s a genius and visionary, and others would say that she’s simply ‘blagging it’ by putting ‘arty’ explanations behind her artwork. Certainly this issue has been much debated over the years with many artists making a lot of money from their work.

The thing that caught our eye recently was the artist who paints Euro coins for a living! Now I know that we love what we do here at ‘Exchange Euro Coins’ but I’m not sure if our dedication would see us having ‘Euro Coin Artwork’ adorning the walls of our offices or even our homes. There is a limit to what’s considered art.. so is painting coins art?

Well, there are a load of people out there who think that painting Euro coins is the next big thing as the paintings are selling for a considerable amount of money! Bern Sprengel has started a quiet revolution in the German art-world with his paintings of Euro coins. A few of his painting hang in some of the most prestigious German financial boardrooms  and this has created a demand that he has not expected. “I was asked to create a painting for a well known financial institution to hang in their main boardroom and I thought I would simply paint some Euros. I had no idea if they would like it or not so I was a bit nervous when I unveiled the picture. However, the reaction was astounding and they loved it. This then lead to a number of other individuals and businesses asking me to paint more pictures” said Sprengel.

If you wanted to commission your own picture of Euro coins to be painted by Sprengel then you’d be likely to have to pay in the region of around €13,000 (yes, that thirteen thousand Euros!!). Not too bad for a few days work!

If you want to make some easy money however (maybe to save up for a Sprengel?) then you can swap your Euro coins for cash with us! Try us out today.

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