1 Euro Coin

1 Euro Coin

1 Euro coin – the most circulated coin

The 1 Euro coin (€1) is not the most circulated euro coin, but is probably the most recognisable of all those listed here on Exchange Euro Coins. Like the two-euro coin, the 1 Euro is bimetallic, meaning that it is composed of two different metals. The central section is an alloy of copper and nickel, while the outer section is brass. The edge of the coin alternates between smooth segments and segments of fine ridges. Like all euro coins, all one-euro coins (€1) have the same reverse side, while the issuing country creates the design for the obverse.

The reverse of this coin is similar to most other Euro coins. It displays a map of Europe, twelve stars in two groups of six, joined by vertical lines, and the legend “1 EURO”. The map on coins issued prior to 2007 is slightly different, reflecting the addition of new member states. Belgian artist Luc Luycx created the original design for this face.

The design of the obverse varies from country to country. For instance, Belgian coins show a portrait of the King of the Belgians while Irish coins show a harp. Both of these countries use the same obverse on all denominations of coin, but in some countries the obverse varies from coin to coin. For example, the Greek one-euro coin displays an image of an owl taken from an Athenian coin of the 5th century BC, while other denominations show images of ships or famous Greek patriots.

In some countries, the image on the coin’s obverse varies between groups of coins. In Portugal, for instance, the obverses of the coins show royal seals from the twelfth century, the period in which Portugal emerged as an independent kingdom. The bimetallic coins show a seal dating from 1144, the gold-coloured coins a seal from 1142, and the copper coins the very earliest royal seal, which dates from 1134.

All obverse sides also show the image of twelve stars, and most bear a legend with the name of the issuing country. For more info on the 1 Euro coin check out the ECB website

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