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Exchanging Euro coins for business…

Being in business is hard enough these days, with markets shrinking and budgets being cut it makes the job of just ‘being in businesses’ pretty tough. Cashflow is king and making sure the business is as liquid as possible is extremely important.

And for companies who accept Euro coins (either willingly or inadvertently) then this problem can be even more of a headache.

You may be a bar or restaurant in a popular tourist location such as London, a shop or supermarket, a ferry or airport operator, an airline or transport company or even a local authority – if you are receiving Euro coins in your day to day business then how do you get rid of them?

Banks and bureau de change won’t accept Euro coins so what do you do? For many, these are stockpiled never to be used. However, what if there was a way to exchange Euro coins into Sterling? And receive the guaranteed BEST exchange rates?

That would help monetize your business, improve cashflow and the bottom line… right?

Well, the good news is that now you can.

We help businesses of all sizes exchange Euro coins back into Sterling. And what’s more, is that we guarantee to provide the BEST exchange rates. So now you can easily dispose of those unwanted Euro coins and turn them into cash.

We have a dedicated business and corporate team who will work closely with you to ensure that you leverage the best value from your foreign coins. This is why we are trusted by major brands, banks, hospitals, schools and public authorities to handle foreign coins and exchange them into usable funds at the best possible rates.

Our corporate team are waiting to help you exchange your Euro coins– contact us today.

Fundraising and Charity Collections

If you are a business looking to collect foreign coins for fundraising purposes then our corporate team can support your efforts with practical help and advice as well as the supply of collection resources to make sure that you reach your charitable targets. In particular, organisations such as supermarkets, airlines and port operators will often have collections of Euro coins and other foreign coins that they then donate to a particular charity.

We work as a strategic partner with businesses who collect significant funds for their chosen cause. This, in part is due to the resources that we apply to each and every campaign to help make it a big success.

Contact to our team today – we’d love to help you.


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