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A few of the customer comments on our exchange Euro coins service. 

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  • I have found the cash 4 coins service completely trouble free. The information provided told me what kind of coinage would be acceptable and what to expect should an offer be made. It was also very clear about how to package and dispatch the coins. Responses have come through very quickly. Thank you very much for your clarity and efficiency. I am now recommending your service to others.

    L Chapman
  • I just wanted to say thanks and nice doing business with you.

    Steve K - Virginia, USA
  • Thanks so much C4C you have been a pleasure to work with and have kept in contact throughout the process, very quick payment into my account once amount had been confirmed.

    J Herbert
  • I have recently used the C4C coin service and am very pleased with the result, it was quick and easy, friendly but professional and they even collected the coins from me. I can definitely recommend this service.

    Keith D
  • Thank you received today and thank you for a great service!

    Marie A
  • Thank you very much, this was a good service and I am happy that coins which I didn't know what to do with have gone to a good cause. Your customer support is good.

    Anne M
  • C4C has served me well and exceeded my expectations. I will certainly recommend them.

  • There is only one word I can use to describe the service I received from and that is OUTSTANDING. From my initial telephone call I found the customer service reps very professional indeed and helpful, to my amazement I even had same day free pick up by a well know secure courier and within less than a week my foreign money/old coins which I thought were worth nothing and was just cluttering my drawers up was valued and deposited into my bank account. I was very happy with what I was offered too. I recommend this site to everyone. I am telling everyone about this site, go on people what is there to lose, have a look in your drawers.

    Stevie S
  • It was good to find a company that was friendly, helpful and prompt with its service – even when the request was a little out of the ordinary! If I do ever need to sort out any currency in the future you will be my first port of call.

    M Adams
  • I recently used the service and was extremely pleased with it and will definitely suggest it to charities in the area as a means of fund-raising for the future. I sent coins in the post and the monetary value was transferred to my account within a week. Go on, clear out your cupboards!

  • Cash 4 Coins is a brilliant service. They are quick to respond to emails and are both friendly and helpful. I found it very useful that they can organise a pick up for money over a certain weight. Great service!

  • Thank you, I am very pleased with your service. Such a quick and very smooth cash exchange, brilliant.

    Amy C
  • I have been really pleased with the service, it was fast, easy, and exactly exactly as described on the website.

    Kay H
  • As we are a charity shop I prefer the cheque as I can put it through the till, this was one of the main benefits to us using your service. I am very pleased with the outcome and fully intend using C4C again!

    Julie L
  • Excellent service given by cash4coins. Instructions easy to follow about how to post currency to them followed by prompt email response and payment.

    Sandra R
  • I was very pleased with cash 4 coins service. It was quick and easy and hassle free. I particularly like the fact that you offer free collection for packages over a certain weight.

    Alice M
  • A very convenient service which provided a quick and easy solution to getting rid of any unwanted currency. A very simple process ensures that the customer does none of the work but gets all the benefits. Very helpful staff; would definitely use their services again and recommend these to friends.

  • I have been delighted with the response from cash4coins in dealing with a considerable amount of fixed coins which were donated to charity. Once I had identified the service on line, the service worked like clockwork .From the point of collection by the cash4coins representative to the offer, acceptance and payment there was a real professional touch to the process.

  • Our international company is based in a building shared with several other international companies. We occasionally have "bucket" collections, for example in aid of earthquake appeals and charity fund-raising events such as carol singing in aid of the Red Cross or Oxfam. On these occasions, we invariably collect a quantity of foreign coinage. It took a while to find the right service - but this Cash4Coins has most definitely provided. Within a short space of time, we had sent the coinage to their offices, received their confirmation e-mail of receipt, followed by an e-mail confirming the amount to be transferred into our account. We were then able to write a cheque to our charity and paid it to them shortly thereafter. By turning unwanted foreign coins into sterling, Cash4Coins helped greatly in our support of our chosen charity.

  • Thank you for all the work you have put in sorting and valuing that strange collection of currency! It does have some value which is great and it was just sitting in a drawer doing nothing! I will probably make a donation to charity from it. Please go ahead with the Paypal arrangement.


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