Euro coins with kids toys and a shark

Creative Photos of Euro Coins

Bolder photos of Euro coins help to sell newspapers

Just when you thought that your job was a bit boring spare a though for the photographers scratching their heads in order to come up with yet another ‘creative’ way to photograph Euro coins.

With all the constant furor about the Euro crisis newspapers are desperate for images of Euro coins to illustrate various elements of the unfolding problems in the Euro-zone. It sounds bizarre but all newspapers need images for their stories and you’d imagine that there are only a few ways to shoot a coin. However a number of enterprising photographers have been coming up with more and more ways to get the shots that newspapers want.

One photographer with a German news agency has been thinking hard about how to show the crisis in pictures. He’s constantly coming up with fresh ideas and his first photo involved him hitting a Euro coin with a hammer! The ensuing picture was snapped up by lots of newspapers and this spurred him on.

The fact that Euro coins have different designs for each country has helped to some degree but with all the problems in Greece and France (not to mention Ireland and Portugal) even the most creative photographer can run dry.

One photographer photographed a pile of Euro coins with kids toys and a plastic shark. It was also rumoured that another clickster poured petrol on some Euro coins and set them alight!

As the crisis drags on people’s threshold for images is lowered as they become used to seeing the Euro in the news. Therefore papers have needed increasingly bolder images to capture the attention of the reader. This has been further exaggerated lately as the Euro coin exchange rate has fluctuated so dramatically.

One very daring photographer in Spain was reported to have attempted to drop a load of Euro coins from a light aircraft and skydive at the same time in order to get a shot of the coins in free-fall. Although we’ve not seen any pics like this it does sound a bit extreme!


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