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Trade service for the exchange of Euro coins and notes

With the commercial climate being tougher than ever more and more businesses are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage over their competition. One of the most effective ways to attract business (if you are in a location that has lots of foreign tourists) is to become a dual currency business. Many organisations that are located in areas such as London now accept Euros as a method of payment for good and services. This includes bars, restaurants, attractions (such as museums) and shops.

Many of these operations now happily take Euro coins and notes happy in the knowledge that they can exchange Euro coins for cash with our trade service. This has helped many businesses gain significant extra foot-fall and consequently significant extra revenue. You only have to walk round popular tourist spots to see businesses advertising that they accept Euros as well as Sterling.

In addition we have also now seen and increase in businesses accepting other popular world currencies such as Japanese Yen and US Dollars. Wherever you are located we can support you by exchanging ALL foreign coins that you accept (either intentionally or unintentionally). The great news is that our service is fast, simple and secure and we GUARANTEE to give you the BEST exchange rates in the UK.

Why us us?

Simple and secure service to retail and trade organisations
We exchange ALL foreign coins and notes – even old British and Irish coins
BEST rates guaranteed
Instant payment
FREE and subsidised collections available
The most customer-recommended trade service in the UK


Increase cashflow

We also help many organisations such as bus and train operators, taxi firms and large operations such as airports and ports exchange euro coins for cash. We can arrange for secure collection of all your foreign coins and notes and importantly we provide almost instant payment. These are just a few reasons why we are the most trusted foreign coin exchange brand in the UK today.

Please feel free to take a look at our customer comments and client list to see just how customer focused and efficient our service is. If you’d like to start accepting foreign coins and notes in your business please contact us on 0161 635 0000 or e-mail


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