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Sell your leftover Euro coins today!

There are lots of us who have leftover Euro coins lying around the home or office that we will probably never use again. We all have the intention of using our spare Euro coins again but as most of us probably realise (especially when you need a 1 Euro coin for the luggage trolley at the airport) we always seem to forget to take them! It’s the same story on the way home from a family holiday or business trip – you try to spend those last Euro coins but somehow there is always one or two bits of leftover Euro currency – does this sound familiar?

Now, UK banks will not exchange foreign coins which means that you can’t even sell Euro coins to them – so you’re always going to be stuck with a bunch of  leftover currency and coins. So what can you do with them?

This is where we come in… we exchange Euro coins for Sterling (as well as other currencies) so you can sell Euro coins to us. We accept all denominations and guarantee to pay the best rates for any Euro currency. In fact we’ll buy any foreign coins as well as old British and Irish coins.

So what do we accept?

All Euro coins
Foreign coins
Foreign banknotes
Old banknotes that are out of circulation
Old British and Irish coins and notes


If you’d like to sell Euro coins to us then it’s very simple:

1. Send us you Euro coins to sell. (We’ll even collect for free over certain weights – see out page how to send us Euro coins for more info.

2. We count and sort the Euro coins.

3. We pay you – it really is that easy to sell Euro coins to us!

And in the event that you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return the coins to you FREE of charge – this is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We help hundreds of private individuals, companies, schools, clubs and charities turn unwanted Euro coins in CASH. So if you want to sell Euro coins contact us here at ‘Exchange Euro Coins’.

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