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Change Euros for Pounds

Exchange Euros for Pounds with Cash4Coins…

Here at ‘Exchange Euro Coins’ we can help you change Euros for Pounds. You may have discovered that the banks will not exchange loose foreign currency for Sterling as they incur such high costs in doing so, which is why we have developed a system  that allows you to change Euros for pounds. We accept any Euro coins, from the 1 cent Euro coin through to the 2 Euro coin as well as all Euro notes. What’s more we guarantee to provide the best exchange rates for Euro coins and this is just one of the reasons why people, businesses and charities trust us.

In the economic down turn it’s a waste that all this foreign and out of date currency is lying around in change drawers up and down the country never to be spent. We can change Euros for Pounds  today. Our friendly team are always on hand to help and advise you on making your foreign coin collection as effective as possible. We provide helpful advice on the best way for you to maximise your coin collections which means that you leverage the best possible value.

Once you have your coins collected together, you simply mail them to us, where they will be counted before making you an offer. We’ll even collect for FREE over certain weights – please see ‘How to send us coins‘ for more info.

Once you accept our offer we will simply send you the value either via direct electronic payment, Paypal or cheque. Alternatively you may wish to donate the proceeds to one of our registered charities or a charity of your choice. In the event that you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins FREE of charge –  so there is no risk involved. Check out our customer comments to see the great things people are saying about us.

So if you are interested in getting more information and ways to change Euros for Pounds contact us today for more information.


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