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Exchange Euro Coins in London

Exchange Euro Coins in London

OK, so you want to exchange Euro coins in London but you don’t know where to go. This is understandable as all the banks, building societies and bureau de changes won’t change any Euro coins for sterling or any other currency for that matter. So what do you do? You don’t want to waste the Euro coins and you may forget to take them away with you again… well fortunately help is at hand!

We exchange Euro coins in London and in fact all over the country. You could say that we’re on a mission to liberate all those poor Euro coins who are trapped inside change jars and down the backs of sofas! We are trusted by individuals, students, businesses, shops, bars, restaurants, banks, hospitals and charities to exchange Euro coins in London and across the UK.

OK, so how do you exchange Euro coins in London? Well, it’s very simple really…

1. Send us your Euro coins to be exchanged (we also collect for FREE over certain weights – see ‘how to send us coins‘ for full details)

2. We sort all the Euro and foreign coins and then count them

3. We make you an offer to buy them – it could not be any easier

Usually payment is in your bank within a couple of hours of you accepting our offer. This is just one of the reasons why we are trusted to provide an accurate and efficient Euro coin exchange service in London. And in the event that you don’t accept our offer we will send your coins back to you via secure courier at OUR expense. So there is no risk whatsoever.

And to top it all off we even guarantee to provide you with the best exchange rate for your Euro coins and notes. So, if you’re looking to exchange Euro coins in London then contact us today.

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