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Euro Coins Exchange

The trusted Euro coins exchange service

Across the Eurozone there are 8 denominations of Euro coins. Each Euro coin is divided into 100 cents. The current coins that make up the Euro (and the coins we accept) are as follows:

1 cent
2 cent
5 cent
10 cent
20 cent
50 cent
1 Euro coins (100 cents)
2 Euro coins (200 cents)


The euro coins were first used in 2002 when they came into circulation in a huge combined effort across Europe. All of the coins have the same map of Euro on one side and then a country specific design on the other side. You can read more about euro coins on Wikipedia.

How do I exchange Euro Coins?

If you are looking for a way to turn those unwanted foreign coins or Euro coins into much needed cash then use the revolutionary Euro coins exchange service. We exchange Euro coins as well as any foreign coins back into whatever currency you require.

As you may know banks and bureau de change outlets do not change Euro coins – this is because of the huge costs involved in sorting and counting each and every coin. In addition, coins have no value unless they are exchanged at the central bank within the country of origin. A good illustration of this is that an Australian Dollar has to be physically shipped back to Australia before it can be exchanged. As you can imagine the huge shipping costs alone make this unfeasible unless there is sufficient quantity to do so. These are just a few reasons why a foreign coin exchange service is not on the agenda for banks!

However, help is at hand – we will exchange ANY Euro or foreign coins for cash. The service is fast, simple and secure and is very easy to use…

1. You send us your foreign coins (see more info at ‘How to send us Euro coins‘)

2. We sort the euro coins and then count them

3. We pay you…. it’s that simple!

The superb news is that we also collect for FREE over certain weights (see how to send us Euro coins for full details). And if you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins for FREE. This is why we are the most trusted Euro coins exchange service in the UK. You can see what people say about us on our customer comments page.

We provide this service for a wide range of people and organisations… these are just a few people who use us:

Private individuals – looking to put a few extra pounds in their pocket in these tough times.
Companies – Who want to convert spare capital or use our coin exchange programme to organise a charity collection
Charities – We are the chosen partner for a wide range of well known charities who use our service to help with fundraising
Schools and Clubs – Who want to raise much needed funds


If you would like to use our coin exchange service please contact us. We’d love to help.


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