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Euro coin trivia…

Here at Exchange Euro Coins we like to bring you the occasional bit of fun trivia about Euro coins. All-in-all the Euro is not very exciting in itself but here are some interesting facts that you may want to use as pub ammo!

1. There are around 56 billion Euro coins in circulation

2. If you wanted to transport all of the Euro coins in circulation by road then you need around 478,000 trucks to do the job. Now that would be one heck of a traffic jam!

3. If you had the time (and a big pair of ladders) then if you piled all the Euro coins on top of each other they’d be 966,933 kilometers high.

4. A complete set of Euro coins weighs almost 43g (42.92 to be precise).

5. The European Central Bank had to have 14.5 billion Euro banknotes printed before they were introduced. Now, that’s one big printing bill.

6. If you were to get all the Euro banknotes and put them in a line they’d stretch for almost 2 million kilometers.

7. The value of all the Euro banknotes is a staggering €650 billion.

8. €184 million euros were removed from circulation in Germany just hours after they were issued back in 2002.

9. The one Euro coin is one of the hardest coins to counterfeit due to it’s design and construction.

10. The design of the Euro coins means that they can be identified by the visually impaired as well as people who can’t read.

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